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ASC1 Upgrade

Titanium Satellite ASC1 Loader Editor Software

ASC1 Loader Editor v2.0 - Download .zip (WIN XP/7/8/10) 6.3Mb

Notice: Loader / Editor Software version v2.0 is a major update for Loader, Satellite List management and PC compatibility.

Update: October 19, 2015: New loader version 2.0 increases satellite count support to 199 positions, read/write software East and West limits, better compatibility with USB/Serial Convertor Drivers using WIN XP/7/8/10.

You must read and agree with the release notes BEFORE installing version 2.0!!!

Important Notice: Use the current loader/Editor version (1.7 or 1.8) to read and save the custom Satellite List from your ASC1. If the ASC1 is running the widely distributed firmware 20140903v1, use Loader Editor version 1.8 to upgrade to the new 20151019v1 firmware. If the ASC1 is running older firmware prior to version20140702v1, use Loader Editor version 1.7 to upgrade to the new 20151019v1 firmware.

The ASC1 Loader/Editor version 2.0 will only read and write firmware versions 20151019v1 and later. Version 2.0 will not write earlier firmware versions. Version 2.0 will not read or write Satellite lists from the ASC1 if it is loaded with firmware version before 20151019v1. Once firmware version 20151019v1 is loaded, only Loader/Editor version 2.0 and higher will read and write Satellite Lists.

Titanium Satellite ASC1 Firmware Upgrade

ASC1 Firmware Upgrade v20151019v1 - Download .zip

Notice: This file upgrade is the result of customer feedback and suggestions worldwide. It is a major update for increased support for 199 satellite positions, displaying software East/West limit values, major code rewrite for DiSEqC 1.2 operation and sensor circuit and motor control including the AJAK motors up to 75hz counts per second resolution. It includes a new bootloader file for enhaunced Loader /Editor software support .

Important Notice: This firmware will be loaded with the current ASC1 Loader/Editor version used with your firmware version. Loader/Editor version 2.0 will be used for upload/download and satellite list management starting with firmware 20151019v1 and higher.

Satellite List
Titanium Satellite ASC1 Sample Satellite List - User Database File

Notice: If you edit your own Satellite lists without saved positions and polarity skew offsets, leave these fields blank or enter a "0" if you wish to prevent motor movement during initial set-up and saving.

These Satellite Lists are provided as an outline for editing your own custom list. We make every effort to provide accurate lists and depend on hobbyists like you to provide updated listings for your region. Please consider submitting your updated Satellite Lists to:

ASC1 North American Satellite List 1w-139w Zip File (.csv)

ASC1 Asia Pacific Satellite List 74e-177w Zip File (.csv)

Special Thanks to Jason for compiling!

ASC1 Satellitenlist Europa C-Band Zip File (.csv)

ASC1 Satellitenlist Europa Ku und Ka-Band Zip File (.csv)

ASC1 Satellitenliste Europa C/Ku/Ka-Band Zip File (.csv)

ASC1 Archive